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We believe in good old fashion service. Service is more than just a smile and pleasant demeanor. Service is going the extra mile to ensure that the expectations of the client are not just met, but surpassed. We listen and take the time to understand who they are. How a person decorates their castle should reflect them as a person. At ARTIS PURA we strive to make custom framing an experience - enjoyable, fun, indulgent for the soul. Framing is an art whether you are framing an artwork or a piece of family history. It should make you feel good every time you look at it.

At ARTIS PURA we understand that life is busy and hectic, with many of us working 6 days a week. It is so easy to forget those special items that stay safely put a way in a drawer or under the bed.  

What a joy it would be to come home to beautiful memories adorning your walls. With the busy person in mind, ARTIS PURA is available for after hours appointments.

ARTIS PURA Custom Framing offers a service where we come to you. Email us a photo of the piece to be framed and we'll ask you a few questions about where it will hang, what the piece means to you, and your tastes. Then we will bring the samples and designs to you so that you can better visualise your piece where it is to be situated. Because in this day and age of "instant" communication, tight time frames that do not always fit into "normal" business hours, ARTIS PURA is happy to find a time that is suitable for clients. Whether you are in private, corporate, retail or service industries - we will make our service available to you. We care.



When mounting we mount to the backing and not the matting. We do this because if, for any reason, the artwork and matting need to be removed, it reduces the risk of the artwork being damaged. When you choose museum standard framing your piece will be mounted using a traditional Japanese hinging method. This method is the ONLY method approved by conservators for museum grade conservation framing for works on paper. With the mounting of works on canvas we stretch your works over a strainer frame. When you choose conservation quality (or if we feel imperative), we take the extra step of sealing the timber to prevent the migration of acids into the canvas. 


When quoting any job you can be assured that the minimum quality of glass or acrylic we will use is 99% UV filtering. This is one of the most important factors in framing. You want your piece to remain as vibrant and vivid as the day you brought it to us to frame. It is not only the light from the sun that gives off UV and fades our special memories; modern energy saving fluorescent bulbs also give off harmful UV that fades artworks. The only instance in which we will use a lower quality grade glass is at customer request.


We use traditional water activated paper backing tape when sealing a frame as opposed to the more commonly used quick and easy sticky tape version. Quick and easy sticky tape doesn't have the lasting tack required to protect what's inside of the frame over years, especially in a humid environment like Queensland. Traditional water activated tape has a way of moulding itself onto the timber and backing and its adhesive is designed to last longer too. The other benefit to this tape is that when it dries, it shrinks. This pulls the frame into the backing thus creating a more solid sturdy structure.


A small detail but one often overlooked to save less than a dollar. These small felt dots are placed in the bottom corners of the frame. Not only do these help with reducing movement on the wall, they more importantly allow for air flow behind the frame. This is important in the prevention of mould growth especially in our humid climate.


Many framing companies still use cheap cord stapled into the frame. The issue being here that the staples can slowly come out over time due to gravity. At ARTIS PURA we do not cut corners to save a few cents. We use quality metal D-Rings with screws and soft strand plastic coated wire.



At ARTIS PURA, we believe in supporting the great work done by others, as well as providing opportunities through work experience. Find out more about our community initiatives.


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