Recently I was approached by a picture framing friend of mine to be apart of a special project started by ex pat Brisbane artist, Jason Swain. Jason decided that his skills as an artist would be best put to use doing something special for the families of our fallen soldiers from Afghanistan. Jason decided to paint the portraits of these men and then gift them to the families left behind. 

"First thoughts about taking on this project was that it was going to be a long haul and quite a daunting task but wanted to give the families something a bit more personal that let them know their sons would not be forgotten especially once all the tributes and formal accolades had passed. Having lost a young family member some years ago, it was something I could kind of relate to and after some thoughts from my sister decided to take it on." Jason Swain

 As he did not want to just send a rolled up painting all the way from America and have the families have the expense of custom framing, Jason first contacted Karen (Aaaha Karen's Framing) and she quickly got on board offering to custom frame some of the works and find other framers to help out. She contacted me and I immediately promised my support. Together Karen and I have been looking for other framers to also offer to donate their time and materials to frame one of the works. Jason is also looking for corporate sponsorship donations towards the framing and he announced recently that the Kingscliffe RSL are the first to come on board and sponsor the raw cost of framing one of the works. 

"This project is a gift from me to the families but the costs involved include postage from the United States then the stretching and framing of each painting, and then when needed the delivery of the portrait to the families." Jason Swain

If you are wanting to get on board you can contact us or you can contact Jason directly though the official Facebook page "Portraits for Patriots" or email him at



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