It was my wonderful website trainer that told me that not all my blog posts had to be framing related. That it was okay to post about something that I saw that interested me or some event that has impacted on me and ARTIS PURA in some way.

Well today is that day. I received a shock email today to tell me that the amazing Jonathan Browne will no longer working with my web hosts. He was the sole reason I put all my trust in Site Zero and when there was no money for web hosting I trusted his advice and took the leap. He believed in me and my business and its core values of service and always delivering on your promises to your clients. He understood me as this too is his business philosophy.

So I am dismayed as to why someone so dedicated and passionate about his work and his clients had moved on to the next phase of his career.

It is here though that I can make a public Thank you to a man who's enthusiasm and support of my business dream got me through the times when I doubted myself. His advice has always been right. Maybe not right for everyone, but right for me because he took the time to learn about my passion,motivation and goals. I was not just another account on the books. His level of service and support did not end at my website. He gave advice on marketing, branding, networking and was the best spruiker for his clients businesses I have ever come across. Small businesses need this and they appreciate it.

So Jonathan, THANK YOU. I wish you all the best for the future and I cant wait to hear what lucky company has snapped you up. They will certainly be the winners here and all the new people that come into your working life will benefit from your knowledge, passion and amazing spirit.

Thank you for everything.



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