Framing 2012

2012 was a big year for ARTIS PURA Custom Framing. Not new to the picture framing industry (my framing journey began 17 years ago), I made the leap into small business ownership in Brisbane at a time in the economy that had many shaking their head. There were however many who wholeheartedly supported me knowing that, with my passion and drive, I had every chance of success.

From the first discussions at my parents’ kitchen table about my hopes and plans to keep the true service of custom framing alive in Brisbane, I knew I had the unwavering support of my entire family. I knew it would be a mammoth task ahead to start a business from the ground up. It is here I need to thank my husband for believing in me enough to invest our savings into my dream. I also need to thank him for coming up with the business name. I wanted something that was arty, traditional and that communicated knowledge and commitment. He nailed it! ARTIS PURA, Latin for “pure art”. Perfect for the direction and ethos of the business.

Once the decision was made that opening my own store was the next step, everything else seemed to fall into place. A chance meeting at my son’s birthday party led to the opportunity to open within an established commercial art gallery. The Brisbane art world has taken a hit with galleries closing Australia wide. In order to weather the storm The Woolloongabba Art Gallery (WAG) opened its doors to change, diversity and ARTIS PURA. The entire WAG community (and it is a community at WAG) have made me feel so welcome and supported. So a big thanks is in order here.

It was full steam ahead with getting the shop up and running. I could not have done it without my amazing family and especially my dad. Whilst I was in Las Vegas and New York, sourcing new and unique products and expanding my skills and services by training with the best at Lowy, my dad was sourcing all the equipment, designing and making workbenches, designing the layout of the shop and workshop and so much more. My wonderful mother looked after the kids while my husband and dad got all the machines in top working order, built every single workbench, painted walls, and built the breathtaking front counter that has stolen the show and finds itself being caressed by every person that sees it. Don’t believe me? Pop in and see it for yourself!

It is here I just want to take a moment to thank my entire family for all they have done to help make ARTIS PURA a reality. They worked many tireless hours and I could not have done it without them. I love them all very much.

So with their help we opened on time. Now it was all up to me. Thankfully I had some amazing supporters who helped get the ball rolling with orders and spruiking the ARTIS PURA name. There are a few special people I would like to mention. Your constant referrals have not gone unnoticed. Thank you to Cassie, Jonathan, Maureen, Greg, Scott and Bob & the WAG team. Also a extra big thank you to my sister, Christy. Her brilliant skills in marketing have been a blessing. She created all my promotional material and made the "Win a 12kt Gold Frame" promotion a reality.

I had only been open a month when another gift came walking through the door. A young lady came in to reframe her artwork that had been short listed in the Mary Ellis Drawing Prize. She had put it in an Ikea frame and had now learnt the hard way that Ikea don’t and shouldn’t make frames… Not real frames anyway. The young lady asked me if I had any jobs available. With a smile I explained that I had literally only just opened and unfortunately wasn’t in a position to hire someone. “That’s okay”, she said. “I just thought it would be good to learn how to frame my own art”. I replied “I am happy to teach you if you want to learn, I have time.”

“Really! How much will that cost?”

I told her that if she was happy to learn then I was happy to teach her everything I knew. It wouldn’t cost her anything. She looked shocked and excited and I knew she would be back. Grace has been devoting her time to the craft for over six months now and I can see her passion for framing growing. I can also see a natural talent and understanding.  I am blown away on a daily basis at her artistic talent and am excited at the new dimension it brings to ARTIS PURA. Thank you Grace for all you have done and brought to ARTIS PURA. I see a bright future ahead.

It has been an amazing year. We have met so many wonderful new clients and framed many interesting and special pieces, from 2 x two metre long Billly Missi Lino prints to a 500 year old French document on Vellum. 2012 has been a great new beginning filled with many new memories and opportunities. I am excited as to what 2013 has in store for us. 

ARTIS PURA Custom Framing

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