Have you ever bought an inexpensive souvenir from a holiday and wondered what you will do with it when you arrive home? Have you just put it away in a draw where it is forgotten and gathering dust? These tokens are not generally of any great financial value but the memories attached to them are priceless. When you hang these pieces on the wall you have a constant reminder of those happy times. I love working with clients to create unique custom framed pieces that not only become these happy reminders of treasured times but also works of art. A recent example is this paper cut out artwork from Thailand. The client wanted a clean black and white look but also wanted the frame to feel a part of the artwork. Instead of using a simple black frame we used this bamboo design. To create a little more interest we floated the artwork in a way to make it appear as if it is floating mid air. 

We would love to help you create a special talking piece from your holiday memories. Contact us to be inspired. 

You can see more creative custom framing ideas here or on our Facebook page.

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