It is well know that I love antique frames and am passionate about their conservation and place in our modern times. I love the challenge of hunting down a period correct frame for a client and the second challenge of bringing it back from the brink as often, due to age and mistreatment, the frames are in a terrible state. Not only do we offer this to our clients but we also extend our restoration services to our fellow framers so that they too can offer this service to their clients. Recently we had a pair of early 1900's portrait frames come in to have restored. These were structurally sound but some of the compo ornamentation had cracked severely over time and the much of the gold finish had worn away leaving the bare compo. The frames looked dull and lack lustre. Instead of boring you with lots of waffle I would just like to share some before and after pictures. 

Do you or someone you know have an old frame laying around you thought could use with a new lease on life? Pop in and see us today for an obligation free quote. 



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