So many times beautiful paintings are left by the way side because they look dull and lifeless. Lacking in detail and colour they are tossed out like an old faded shirt. What many do not know is that a beautiful painting is hiding under years of dust, dirt and sometimes smoke build up. These changes are slow, so our brain tricks us into thinking it was always that way. How many times have you heard yourself of someone say, "Oh that old daggy painting that Grandma had on the wall, just throw that out.", and who could blame them. At first glance it does appear old and daggy.

Whilst shopping in a local antiques store I came across two almost identical paintings from 1921 in some old timber frames. Of course it was the frames I had my eye on. The paintings we old, daggy and looked one dimensional so I planned to toss them away. After taking them out of the frame I noticed how vibrant and green the edge section of the painting was hidden under the rebate of the frame. Where it was protected from almost 100 years of dust and grime. 

Since I had some time on my hands and the knowledge and skills I decided to clean at least one of the paintings. I think these before and after images speak for themselves.

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