When I think of custom framing I am taken back to a time when frames were made by craftsmen with old fashion tools and techniques. I see a messy yet completely organised workshop with chisels, gold leaf and every varnish and concoction under the sun. I can hear the wood being chiseled out. I can smell the shellac. I can see the intense look of concentration on the face of the gilder, carefully laying each leaf so thin that it can literally disappear in your hand.

 There are few companies today who still work in the old style and the cost is far from the reach of so many. This frustrates me as I believe that inspired beautiful framing should be available to all.  

 Determined to change this, and at the very least give people the option, we have been working on incorporating traditional techniques with the framing products available through today’s wholesalers. Our goal is to be the middle ground between the everyday stock standard framing and the masters like Lowy in New York and Australia’s own Graham Reynolds.

One of my favourite techniques is Sgraffito, the process of scratching back a layer of paint that has been applied over the metallic finish (whether it be 23kt gold, Dutch leaf or bronze powder mixed with shellac.) The beauty of this technique is that you can draw inspiration from the work you are framing.

Take for example this art photo by Rhondda Scott of local ballerina Jess Linton. Our Sgraffito artist took the motifs of the wings, the timber that looks like antlers and the lacing of the ballet slippers to create a truly unique and inspired design. By refinishing stock timber mouldings, we were able to create the look and feel of a 16th century oil painting without the intensive labour and material costs associated with creating antique replica frames.





If you have something extra special that you feel needs just that little bit more,

pop in and let ARTIS PURA help you create the WOW piece that has everyone talking.

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