Over the last 17 years working in Framing there are many frames and many stories. I would like to share this one with you. My little brother is a sound engineer and his studio is filled with signed framed music memorabilia that was all of course framed by his big sis. This one in particular has a personal story to tell. A little piece of me. 

Many years ago there was a little pub band gigging around Brisbane that you may or may not have heard of. I was a HUGE fan. Long before a string of number 1 hits and a theme song for Mission Impossible 2 there was me 14 and rocking out to their EP Transfusion. Yes,  none other than Brisbane boys, Powderfinger. Now I remain to this day a fan even though it has been a little long between listens. I remember the nightclub concert in the Valley where I was crammed up against the stage with my besties. I also remember the horrendous blisters from my not so comfortable Doc Martin boots. I remember the concert at the now torn down Festival Hall with my mate Renai. Another fantastic night.

Years later I would be working at a framing store in Bowen Hills. It was just another day when two men came in looking for some large ornate gold frames for a music video they were shooting. I watched them walk around, holding the frames, stepping through the frames and I couldn't help but think they were just a little bit weird. I must admit I was possibly still a little naive. They ended up hiring about ten pre-manufactured Louis XV replica frames.  

A few months later to my surprise there was Bernard Fanning on the TV. His first solo single "Wish you well" had been released and there were the frames. You can check it out at this link.  A great track!

There was Bernard Fanning holding the frames that were now safely returned to my work. Of course I bought them all. Every last one of them. These were now pieces of Australian music history and I knew if I didn't buy them that they would rot away in the back of the framing shop or end up around a hideous HongKong oil. I then purchased signed memorabilia from Bernard's website knowing that the money spent on the site went to helping a charity organisation called Young Care. A charity that Bernard is an ambassador for. This one is my brothers. The others have all found homes with fans through out the country. All but one frame. It hangs safely with the items waiting to go in it. I really should get on to that!



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