As Mothers Day approaches we reflect on the magnitude of our Mothers role in our lives and how much we love and appreciate them.  Even more so as the years tick by where we too have been mothers ourselves, we really begin to grasp and understand just how much they did for us. The sacrifices they made and their unconditional love. Even if we didn't realise it at the time.

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Recently I had a life changing moment in the shop with an inspirational woman and her amazing daughter.  Although it stirred up a lot of pain from my past, it was on the whole an overwhelmingly positive moment. What really impacted on me was the obvious abundance of unconditional love , support and commitment this mum has for her daughter.

It made me realise how challenging it must have been for my Mum trying to get me through those teenage years. I remember that any time I was feeling sad she would take me on long drives in the country so I could follow my passion of photography. I remembered the countless nights she would sit with me for hours when I could not sleep just so I was not alone. I can only imagine the sleepless nights she had wondering if I would come home and what my future held. Would I find my place in the world? Would I finally find happiness in my heart? I have those sleepless nights now wondering about my own childrens futures.

Even still today she give so much of herself to me. Her support for my passion in framing is unwavering. She comments and shares every post on Facebook. Mum is always there to help with our boys and even now helps us in ways that are beyond measure. Without her support I am not sure that ARTIS PURA would be as much of the success that it is and the growing success we will have in the years to come.

So this Mothers Day I wanted to share with my world how much I love and appreciate my Mum.

Thank you Mum!

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