September Already!?!


Can you believe it’s September already?  Where has the year gone?  They say, time flies when you are having fun.  And haven’t we been having fun! Especially in our gorgeous new studio where we have just celebrated 2 years!

It has been all systems go since we came back from our Italian holiday.  Firstly, we ran our ‘Inspired by Italy’ promotion with numerous entries and one lucky customer receiving a $200 voucher for Enoteca restaurant, and a couple of bottles of Chianti for our runners up (of course!).

While that was happening, we were busy behind the scenes preparing for the launch of ARTIS PURA Mouldings.  Due to your love and support of our native timber mouldings, we decided to take the plunge and release it to other framers, Australia wide.  This meant finding and securing a large warehouse, developing the range of profiles and species and expanding the web-site.  We officially launched on the 1st July and it has been full steam ahead since.

10 species.png

With all this, of course our team has also had a little shuffle.  Firstly, Gino has come on board in a full-time capacity as the new manager (Honcho Grande) of ARTIS PURA Mouldings.  He is managing all aspects of the warehouse, from picking and packing the orders through to quality assurance. 

Secondly, Damien has been bought on part-time in both the showroom and the warehouse.  With his background in fine arts and his experience with working with various arts organisations, he is proving to be a valuable addition to the team.  Thirdly, Sam has decided to head back home to Canberra.  She was with us since her move to Brisbane in January and will be missed.  


Finally, Grant has been helping immeasurably behind the scenes, providing another pair of eyes and hands for Erin as both Assistant to the Director and Accounts Manager for ARTIS PURA Mouldings.  And of course the amazing Jason is still with us!

In other news, our ‘Washhouse’ is currently well and truly overflowing with all those interesting bits and bobs.  So, we are holding a ‘Washhouse Wash out’!  This Sunday, 16 September, our carpark will be transformed into one huge rummage sale.  Everything from antique frames, retro artworks, arts and crafts tid bits, etc will be further reduced from their already crazy prices!  Come on down and grab a bargain. If you know anyone who would love a rummage, please let them know.

We have also been thinking of how to help you with those pieces that you would like to get framed but not at a full conservation level.  Instead of throwing it in a ready-made, bring it in for our ‘Framers Choice by ARTIS PURA’.  With three different price points for various sizes, your piece will be framed from discontinued or seconds mouldings, however the finished design choice is made by us.  All you need to do is bring in your pieces, give a brief outline of what you were wanting, choose a price point and leave the rest up to us.  Knowing that it will be framed by the same trade qualified framers at our high standards.

Again, thank you for your continued support of ARTIS PURA.  We hope that we continue to inspire you in all things framing.





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