Dirt, dust and animal remains in the back of a canvas

Dirt, dust and animal remains in the back of a canvas

 A lot of people think that once your piece of work is framed, especially to full conservation standards, there is no need to re-asses and see how it is travelling.  As with anything, prevention is better than cure. Conservation of your collection is an ongoing process and it is always wise to regularly check and undertake any maintenance as required. 

So much of the damage of artwork can be prevented. Take the damage caused to a canvas by not having a proper backing. For years it was thought that a canvas needed to “breathe”. Now it is understood that a backing actually regulates shifts in humidity and temperature and also protect a canvas from far worse nasties like dirt, insects and puncture.

This is why we are introducing our 6 Point Art Health Check.
Whether a work on paper,  oil on canvas, family photographs or prints, if the piece holds value to you bring it in and our highly skilled conservation trade qualified framers will carefully de-frame the piece, review the condition and provide you with a detailed report on the condition of the piece and can recommend the best course of action.

We will also provide a plan for a five year and ten year maintenance schedule so that you can keep appreciating your art for years to come.

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Just this quick and inexpensive check up may be the difference between life and death for your treasured memory.

Contact us today to book your art check up.



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