Why fabric in framing? Unlike paper mounts fabric has an intensity of colour and added texture that can bring a piece to life. For example war medals and other metallic objects pop when mounted to a fabric as opposed to a paper mount. By choosing the perfect fabric you can enhance the texture and lustre of the work being framed. 

ARTIS PURA Custom Framing are excited to announce we have extended our custom fabric wrapping design options for our clients. Working with both local and international wholesalers we have drastically extended our range and design capabilities. 

This is just a small snippet of what is available

One of the exciting editions is the flexible fabric fillets that we are sourcing from the United States. A fillet is traditionally a thin slip of timber that can be placed on the inside of the mount or inside a larger frame to give a small highlight colour. Our supplier in the states as patented a fabric version of this and I have to say they look amazing. The beauty of these flexible fabric fillets as unlike their timber counterpart, they can be made to follow curves. The other great benefit is the amazing colour and texture range, linen, cotton and silk just to name a few and every colour under the rainbow.  

This fabric wrapped mount has a small red fabric fillet. It also has an embossed design to create a subtle shadow. 

The other way in which you can add fabric to your framing is in the way of fabric wrapping liners/slips. A liner or a slip is a frame that sits inside the main decorative frame to give a border  and space between the work and the outer frame. This technique is used mostly in the framing of oil and acrylic paintings, but here at ARTIS PURA we also use this design technique on works on paper (the glass sits between the frames to keep the work clean and sealed.) Linen and silk slips were very popular up until the 90's but we have found that for the last 20 years or so they have dropped off in popularity. I have never been able to understand why as in many designs they give so much more depth and texture to the piece being framed.

Due to this it has become increasingly difficult to source these from wholesalers and therefore impossible to offer to clients. Not any more. We can custom wrap any slip profile in the fabric colour of your choice. This can be done in two ways. One where you see the corners or as a whole so that the corners are seamless. It doesn't stop with just liners though. We can fabric wrap larger feature profiles so that the outer frame can have a fabric finish too. Want that leather look on your framing? Now you can have it! 

Process shot of wrapping a liner

Come in today to see how we can add fabric to your framing to really bring your piece to life. 



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