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A "Sentimental Journey"

Often we have pieces that come to us that many would term as "ready for the bin". They appear to be beyond repair and look as though even Lifeline would reject them. Sometimes though these pieces are far more valuable than meets the eye. A lot of the time they hold deep sentimental memories and stories. Many emotions tied to a single image. This fortnight we had one such piece come through our doors. A simple watercolour of a sail boat titled "Italiano". The piece had seen better days. Framed by the artist with a single acidic matboard, very basic dated moulding, an old recycled painting board as a backing and basic glass. The mount board and the glass were covered in mould and acid burn. 


Our client came to us wanting to give the piece a new lease on life. He wanted to present it in a way that told the viewer how important this piece was and that it should not be overlooked. Instead of me telling this story I thought I would do something a little different and let our client tell the story, his story. The story of a painting and the very special man who painted it. 

"Peter Meadows started painting in the mid 70's as a hobby as many do. He gave us the painting as a present in 1977, the year I got married. We have had it hanging around on and off ever since but took it down when it began to get mould on the matt board. I have always liked the picture and am so pleased to have had it restored and framed for a new lease of life in my office. It compliments our company logo in the space it now occupies and fits so well.
Peter was a bit of a sailor himself and kept a sailing boat on the Norfolk Broads, not far from their home in Norfolk, UK. I remember back in 1980 or thereabouts  going for a sail on The Broads with him before retiring to a fabulous pub for Sunday lunch!
His wife, my father's sister, Jean was a singer with the Ivy Benson All Girls Band from 1948 - 1951 and married Peter and left for Africa and a life on a tobacco farm! Very brave! She was my favourite aunt and I was very fond of her, and Peter too, who was always very kind to me.
Sadly, at 91 he s now very unwell and confined to a nursing home for his final days." Bruce B.

Triple mounted with 100% cotton rag matting, UV filtering glass and a gorgeous burl veneer moulding. 

In situ. My client mentioned there will be a beautiful antique burl veneer piece of furniture being placed under the signage. 

As an after thought, to preserve the frame that had been made by Peter Meadows we turned it into two small 8 x 10 inch photo frames that could then sit on our clients desk. 

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