ARTIS PURA works closely with artists to provide quality framing design services at affordable prices. Showcasing your work with a professional, quality frame helps to ensure your art looks its best—maintaining your reputation and profile, as well as increasing potential sales. Download our Artist’s Guide to Framing to find out more about how to enhance and protect your art.

Custom supports

We understand that a quality support is the basis for great artwork. Not only will the materials last longer from a conservation standpoint, but they will also lift the visual quality of the work. Unfortunately, the art supply market is full of cheap, low quality, faux canvas supports that twist, warp and fall apart. At ARTIS PURA, we purchase quality materials in bulk and assemble customs supports in-house. These products and services are available exclusively for artists and help to ensure affordability without sacrificing the quality, integrity and longevity of your work. Contact us to find out more.

Artist testimonials

"I’ve been a client of ARTIS PURA for a couple years now. I always go to them whenever I need quality work done, whether it’s framing or stretching a canvas. Getting good value and superior quality in stretched canvas is important for the longevity of my artwork, especially for larger pieces. I trust them as my preferred service provider because I know they will listen to what I am after and make recommendations that will suit what I need. As an artist they provide a valuable insight into what my customers will want and what is trending. Their value for such quality products is outstanding so I would recommend them on this point alone, the fact that they are so easy to work with, friendly and accommodating of my lead times is a very nice added bonus "
Damian Smith

"Very friendly and supportive of the art scene, they're definitely not the generic framer. Couldn't have picked a more perfect framer for my first exhibition!"
- Deane Featonby

"I would thoroughly recommend ARTIS PURA Custom Framing. The proprietor Erin Salguero has framed an exhibition of my paintings and did a superb job. I continue to use her for my framing in Brisbane. She only works with quality products and has a passion for framing. She has a great eye for selecting the most suitable frame for your artwork. She impressed me recently because she was able to, without hesitation, pick the best frame for a drawing and also how it should position within the frame. Her expertise and intuition for framing is a gift."
- Desley Rolph