We source materials from Australian and overseas designer manufacturers. Coupling this with our custom finishing services we are able to offer a truly inspired design service. We take into consideration the piece, its purpose and history, its value to you, the client, and your tastes. 



With any restoration work we always err on the conservative side. We feel that when something is over restored it can lose its charm and character. The character of an antique frame is not only in its design but the patina that builds over many years. We also offer restoration, retouching and in-painting on artworks and old photographs. See our Preserve page for examples.

Preservation Framing

We use only the best quality framing products available to ensure your treasured item is framed to meet international preservation and conservation standards. Please contact us for more information if you would like to know the specific materials we will use in framing your piece.



We consult on framing design for interior designers, photographers and corporate clientele. We can also assist in choosing artworks for spaces. If required we are only to happy to consult in situ. With an extensive database of artists and other stockists we help you to create unique and inspired wall decor.


We offer traditional frame finishing techniques such as French lines, hand carved and embellished matting, punch work, sgraffitoclosed corner ornamentation, compo ornamentation, gilding and fabric wrapped mattings. Through these and other finishing techniques we can offer creative and unique designs.






For a small fee (based on location) we can collect and deliver your framing.

Are you too busy to leave the office? Can’t get to our showroom? Or just feel that we really need to see the space where your frame will hang? We offer an in-house consultation service. Please contact us to make an appointment.

We buy and sell antique frames. Looking for something extra special? We can source investment quality antique frames. Discover our range of antique frames in store, on ebay and at Commercial Road Antiques.

We understand that artists and students have different framing needs. We will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome for your budget. We also offer special rates and options for arts, photography and design students.