Style is personal,
so is budget.

Experience allows us to perfectly balance colour, space and design to complement your individual sense of style and budget. Our work is intended to grace your walls for a lifetime. We take the time to discuss your requirements, incorporate your ideas and provide the perfect framing solution.

Because your time is precious, we also offer flexible off site consultation services,
to your premises.


ARTISAN Services

Traditional Hand finishing

Fabric wrapped matting Brisbane


The hand wrapping of fabric over matting and liner frames (slips) is a dying art. Wrapping fabric over the beveled edge thickens the matt, giving a more luxurious feel and a unique, customised design.
While white and ivory coloured silk and linen slips were common in the 1940's and 50's. Green and red velvet slips were all the rage in the 1960’s and 1970’s. This technique can be incorporated in traditional and contemporary designs.

Sgraffito Hand finished frame


Made by scraping away the top layer of paint to reveal the gilded surface below, Sgraffito decoration was often applied around a frame during the Renaissance, or in the corner cartouche of a Baroque frame.  We are able to match existing sgraffito designs for restoration, or custom designs to suit.


Although many framers have computerised matboard cutters that have pre programmed designs our framing artisans can create an inspired design and carve it by hand. This creates endless opportunities to truly customise your framing design. 



Framing may be finished with a 'closed corner' technique, for seamless continuity of the frame design. 
We offer the added embellishment of moulded corner ornamentation, achieved using mouldings and castings custom made from genuine antique frames.   

Gilding Brisbane


Gilding is the application of pure gold leaf to a prepared surface, to give it the appearance of solid gold. We offer  water gilding, the only method that allows the gold to be burnished.


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